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Adding new games

When adding content, remember that the default license is CC BY-SA. See licensing details. For details on what we are especially looking for, see library scope.

There are two ways of adding new game to a wiki. The simplest way is to describe it after starting with a title here:

This will be seen in the library as a free-form game.

If you know your game well and can specify number of players, difficulty and some other information about the game, use this form:

Our library lets users sort well-defined games by a few criteria.

Check the library to see how it is displayed.

Any thoughts on music games?

Start with the title here:

Your article can be about a term, book, people, a record, or anything you wish. It will start as a draft and as we are a wiki, all the content might be changed in the future by other contributors. This way you don't need to worry if your itext is imperfect, but also for the same reason it's best not to write very opinionated texts.

Other contributions

You can contribute also without making new content, but by perfecting the existing one. Here are some helpful links:

Future development focus / ideas
Consistent scheme (cont - graph - cont -desc) for all categories.
Set/collections - graphically rich groupings of content
CSS without colour backgrounds
Crowdsourcing: classify inspire cards as for parameters
deck category - for styling inspire or rule card sets
Generate different sets of inspire cards
Similar games - contextual suggestions - embedded html probably
Constraints as separate items (rule category)
Little images for tags (CSS)
Improved props box in games (tags integration)
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