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Future development focus and mechanism ideas
References module - "cite"
Timeline module - "time"
Little images for tags (CSS)
Free associations module - "drop"
Crowdsourcing: classify inspire cards as for parameters
Generate different sets of inspire cards
Improved props box in games (tags integration)
Similar games - contextual suggestions - embedded html probably
CSS without colour backgrounds
Diagrams of spatial organization
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Articles for the future
MGs for modular synthesizers
MGs of
Historical timeline
Toy instruments
Traditional activities at the M/G intersection
YouTubers and MGs
Functions of sound/music in hobby board games
MGs on TV (Fallon et al)
Curriculum music / classroom games (Orff/Kodaly/Dalcroze)
All the exquisite corpses of music (incl. The Same River Twice)
Traditional playing cards and music
Chess and music
Avant-garde VS experimental
Water Yam transcription
other Richard Reason games
Pass the Sound with less video dependency
Music of friends
Drum circles

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