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Wiki entries, when seen as edited sources, often have 4 parts, separated by "====":

  1. main content,
  2. a decorative image (sometimes by "flickr:flickr_id" syntax),
  3. additional content (depending on a page's category),
  4. general description of the item.

Let's call this four-part structure a scheme.

Templates as initial content

As a built-in Wikidot category, a template means initial content for new entries. Vvisible at the start of making a new article, it will hint at the meaning of elements of the scheme and it will provide the structure for the main content.

Templates as style

Templates as a shared look for a category are done in category:_template pages. Each template below uses the scheme in different ways.

But if you need to assign CSS style for a category, it's best to assign it in pages called category:_css, as these have an instant effects for all pages in the category.

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