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This is for advanced editors.
You may instead add content quickly.

When editing a source of a wiki entry, we usually see it has 4 parts separated by the line "====":

  1. main content,
  2. source of a decorative image (sometimes by "flickr:flickr_id" syntax),
  3. additional content (diverse usage depending on a page's category),
  4. general description of the item.

Let's call this structure the content scheme.

Templates as initial content

As a built-in Wikidot category, template means initial content for new entries. This will be visible at the start of making new article in most of the categories and it will hint the meaning of elements of the scheme and the structure of the main content.

Templates as style

Templates as a shared look for a category are done in category:_template pages. Each template below uses elements of the scheme in different ways.

But if you need to assign CSS style for a category, there are other pages for it, named category:_css, as this have instant effects for all pages in the category.

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