Free Form

Free-form games are highly customisable and can be adjusted to many numbers of players and skill levels, but they will require you to pick exact ruleset yourself.

3-split Share the spectrum and find creative ways for swapping it's areas.
Dice Contract Get out of your comfort zone into the uncertain — this might get awkward.
Diced Events A fun free improv game that uses dice to control how many people will participate, what kind of atmosphere is to be played, and special ways to use instruments.
Djent Game For Players that play rhythmic music, Conductors that show what to play and also for one drummer responsible for not making the piece too long.
Draw It Yourself First draw it, than play it. The rest is free-form. Playful approach to a milestone experimental invention.
Entitled Piece One of the least restrictive activities that you might find on this wiki and the to be called "meta-" as new games may appear here spontaneously.
Event Lists Game Template The Lego blocks (or Minecraft) of music games! Improvise by choosing lists while playing. One by one players quit until no players are left. A game that has endless possibilities in gameplay!
Evolution of music The music of this game gradually develops whether you believe it or not.
Fairy Tale Guide your music with emotions from childhood. Easy first step toward free improvisation.
Fluxfestkit Legacy A basic kit to make a Fluxus festival. A workshop proposition for a historical overview of this artistic movement. Possible Fluxconcert.
Follow the Images Wide family of games based on image interpretation. Good usage for inspire cards.
Melody-Go-Round A great little game for anyone from kids to seasoned musicians! The first player plays something, then the next person plays a variation of that, and it continues until it reaches the leader. A new leader then comes in and continues the fun!
Mood Guessing Everyone thinks of a mood. Keep the moods secret. Improvise together. Everyone playing their own moods. At the end try to guess each other''s moods.
Movement for Ears Every instrument interprets movement to sounds, a simple idea suitable for large groups.
Nightlife of Machines Shorten your riffs in sync for fun that sounds like prog-rock or minimalism.
Pass-the-sound Hot potato for music. You don't have to play much at once, but you can make something collectively.
Room Score Turn your room into one big graphic score! The conductor points to shapes around the room in a continuous line and the players react to it musically as if they were reading a graphic score. A fun little game for everyone!
Stones More than instrument preparation. Not many rules, but an idea: have fun with stones.
The Impersonator Impersonate someone. The band interprets your impersonating movements into music. After one minute people try to guess who you were impersonating. Create interesting music and enjoy impersonating to have someone guess who it is. Fun for the whole world!
This Instrument is Not What it Seems Secretly think of a musical instrument different than the one you have in your hand. Somehow play your real instrument as if it was the instrument you're thinking of. The audience has to guess the secret instrument.
Trading Fours Battle A game-like spin on the timeless trading fours that has been passed around and used since the early days of be-bop sessions.
Two-headed Soloist Two musicians are given the task of jamming over the accompaniment in a specific way. Quite difficult, improv-inspired, insertable game.
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