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Improvisation Rites 1969

No rights are reserved in this book of rites. They may be reproduced and performed freely. Anyone wishing to send contributions for a second set should address them to the editor: C. Cardew, 112 Elm Grove Road, London SW13.

For reasons of economy the pages of this book are reproduced from handwritten originals. The editor wishes to apologize for any inconvenience in reading caused by this method of production.

Nature Study Notes is referred to in the 'Draft Constitution of a Scratch Orchestra' (Musical Times, June 1969) and is currently in use by the Scratch Orchestra. Anyone wishing to take part in these rites or any other activities in the context of the Scratch Orchestra should write to the editor.

Nature Study Notes is published by the Scratch Orchestra and distributed by Experimental Music Catalogue, 26 Avondale Park Gardens, London W 11.

Rites are printed in the approximate order of collection. Notes on the rites are in alphabetical order of code names. Many rites are accompanied by a pedigree naming one or more of the following: the Mother (her initials are at the head of the code name), who wrote it down as a rite; the Father (F:) who provided the idea; any other relatives the Mother sees fit to recall; and an Ancestor (A:) or Archetype, identifying the basic human or non-human state, activity or event that the rite bears on. In the notes there is no differentiation between the Mother's remarks and those of the editor and others.

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