Music Replay (online)
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Train your music memory - keep the tones in your mind!
This Music Replay Game Online is all about listening, reading and playing musical notes. This concentration type game will help you to improve your skills in reading musical notes, hearing the right tune and will also boost your ability of concentration.

You can play this game online @ So.Mi.Do

Just enter your name and choose your language

Just replay what the app is playing - it's that easy!
But be concentrated - only one error and the game is over!
Listen, watch and remember…


Game: There are two games to choose from:
I Standard game: Only the treble clef will be used.
II Advanced game: The treble and the bass clef will be used.

Level: You can choose the starting level from 1 to 10
If you want to reach a good score, you should not choose a very high level for starting the game, although there are many more levels than 10, but it's getting hard to reach a good score…

Game Designer: Johannes Kaiser-Kaplaner (SoMiDoMusic)

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