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at ALICE detector in CERN

Personally I'm of the opinion that games are not copyrightable in their essence. You don't have to do anything when playing my games, but using the text describing the game is subject to the license (Creative Commons). And mentioning the wiki on these occasions would be nice.


Games and activities in the library:

Agents Decide if someone's music suits your picture or, if you are an Agent, try to say what two sounds don't suit together. What's easier?
Circle of 5 Set collection game of cards to play music by. Strategizing results in changing musical cues for you and others.
Convergent Ostinato Modern composers struggle "between cliché and gibberish". This game is a trip from gibberish to cliché for a few people comfortable with groove-based playing.
Dice Contract Get out of your comfort zone into the uncertain — this might get awkward.
Djent Game For Players that play rhythmic music, Conductors that show what to play and also for one drummer responsible for not making the piece too long.
Follow the Images A family of games based on image interpretation. Good usage for inspire cards.
Into the Labyrinth Change aspects of your improvisation to navigate through Dungeon Master's maze.
Into The Labyrinth, lvl 1 Change pitch range and density of your improvisation to navigate through Dungeon Master's maze.
Polyfill Quick composition and an algorithm to apply. The result is a short rhythmic break from improvisation for three people.
P-S-Rock Two teams, three moods. Musical rock-paper-scissors.
Sea-game game A game where you play over a piece of modern music. That score surely looks like a game board…
Staircase Simple game for pitched instruments that are able to sustain a note for some time (or at least do tremolo).

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