Adam Izaak Wasążnik


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Co-initiator of this wiki and drummer in Signal to Noise Ratio. Made some games, but adapt a lot.
Organizing "Music Games in the Hut" meetings in Warsaw. Happy to have participated recently in: online performance with Maya Felixbrodt.

at ALICE detector in CERN
photo by P. Pluta

My games are on CC BY 4.0. The number is important, because it makes easier for the author to specify attributed party.
I want it to be atttributed as "Games for Music,"; in specific cases an URL is enough (you decide).

Personally I'm of the opinion that games are not copyrightable in their essence. You don't have to do anything when playing my games, but using the text describing the game is subject to the license (Creative Commons).

Games and activities in the library:

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