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CBN (b. July 28, 1951) is a Danish composer, hornist, musicologist, educator and music therapist.

As a music therapist he was active in 1983-2014, further, he worked at Music Therapy faculty at Aalborg University, during which time he wrote academic papers (some seen in Bibliography section). His theoretical contributions include developments in parameter theory.

As a composer he works among others with open composition and graphic notation, developing his own approach to music games (the term he also used). As for our wiki, CBN agreed for some of the pieces and rearrangements to be put into the G4M library, and also contacted us with authors of some others.

He is a co-editor of Improvised Music - Open Scores journal and a driving force behind a series of intuitive music conferences in Europe (lately called… European Intuitive Music Conference, read about EIMC 2019).

Video interview

In this video CBN and notrightmusic talk about open composition techniques. It’s illustrated with a lot of great biographical material.
Be sure to see also part 2 after that!


Fuller bio at:
(A recommendation from György Ligeti catches the eye).

Shareware compositions:

In German Wikipedia:

Games and activities in the library:

Mutual Prescriptions series This series deals with music materials, parameters and dimensions and with changing them.
Sea-game game A game where you play over a piece of modern music. That score surely looks like a game board…
Textmusic 3 One of Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen's chance compositions based on traditional playing cards.

Activities outside of the library:

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