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Matthew Lee Knowles is a composer with a remarkably open approach to authored text scores1.

…about 95% of my output, in PDF format, by year, free to download and do with what you please!

We took it to heart and incorporated instructional cues closest to our library scope, just like these 5 random examples:

  • Speak only using vowels, as quickly as possible
  • Find a medium sized/weighted object and drop it, pick it up with your left hand, drop it again then pick it up with your right hand
  • Read the following sentence as if English is far removed from your mother tongue: “The gift of love is rightly treasured, Its countless blessings can’t be measured.”
  • Keep breathing, in, out, in, out, in
  • Say your full name, quickly, 11 times

There are quite a lot of cues in total, giving performers of random scores plenty of opportunity to cough (seemingly one of Matthew's favourite sound effects).

Most of the linked collection is experimental, often seemingly based on regular expressions. As for instructional scores Matthew works frequently with simple poetic Fluxus-style events. Not focused on "establishing a system of interaction" like most of our library games. Activities that consist of a few cues working together are on the full list of playable items (and also listed below).

At there is a recent and extensive interview with Matthew Lee Knowles.

Activities outside of the library:

62 cues from this author

Random scores with cues by this author:

A Single Random CueGOTO ScoreBubblesHorizontal Vanilla

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