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Richard Reason (b. 1948*) — composer and pianist, student of Cornelius Cardew, together with Christopher Hobbs, Hugh Shrapnel, and others. Interestingly, due to extending his studies, in (about) 1970 Richard Reason went on to be the sole student of Cornelius Cardew in the Royal Academy of Music in London.

In 1969* Richard published Games for Musicians. This set of cards with short texts and hand-drawn pictures included a "nail drawing piece" which served as an example Improvisation Rite in the Scratch Orchestra's "draft constitution" , 619).

Later Richard Reason was a music teacher in a primary school and in 1978, moved to business, opening a piano store/workshop, and later focusing on piano auctions.

A set of five musical games was published also in 2024.

(*) In the case of Richard Reason, dates are not well-sourced. The birthdate is after composer's website, but in Experimental Music Catalogue , 37), "1947—" is given. Games for Musicians is an undated publication.


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