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The recollections of Alan Brett are currently the best source of info about Scratch Orchestra on our wiki. It's a first-hand account of a participant generously provided to us by Alan.

Another place to get to know SO is Nature Study Notes a collection of improvisation setups, which is transcribed at the wiki with accordance to an in-text license.

The page below may organize further gathering of information on the ensemble.


The membership in Scratch Orchestra was not formalized. Participants came and went, but all associates might have in time a dedicated article on our wiki, especially authors of Improvisation Rites. Here is a list of people added so far (some maybe just as "drafts"):

Here is a continuation of a "members" list, for future addition:
Bergit Burckhadt, Bob Guy, Bryn Harris, Chris Jones, Chris May, Daphne Simmons, David Dixon, David Jackman, Ed Fulton, Greg Bright, Jane Hare, John Nash, John Tilbury, Judith Euren, Keith Rowe, Laura Holmes, Maggie Nichols, Michael Chant, Mike Smith, Paul Irvine, Philip Dadson, Psi Ellison, Roger Sutherland, Tim Mitchell.

The list above might be debatable in some cases, and certainly is incomplete.

In general, one of the best sources on the SO is the blog of the orchestra member, Stefan Szczelkun. You may start with the article "The Scores of the Scratch Orchestra":

Editor's note. Photo by Walerian Szczelkun, CC BY-NC 2.0

Games and activities in the library:

CCQR133 Quiet Rite. Scratch Orchestra's improvisation rite with a bit of math at the start.
CMH-CR135 Scratch Orchestra's hand-cuff rite.
MPIR106 Scratch Orchestra's improvisation Rite. Watching, waiting, listening.

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