Stay in Character: Chance Cards

Annoy -> Seduce

Collage of Sound

Create a motif for the person you hurt the most in your life

Create something crazy and evolve it to something normal




Discreetly copy player you think is playing best

Do anything you want!

Don't play anything

Don't repeat any musical patterns

Don't use your hands (singers don't use tongues)

Do one nonmusical thing while doing a musical thing

Do something drastic

Do something that has nothing to do with music

Embarrass yourself


Make everyone confused

Make up your own religious music

Morse Code


Normal Music

Play along with someone without their knowledge

Play bad, but make it fit with what's happening

Play louder than everyone else

Play part of a famous song. Make it fit in with what's currently being played

Play poetically

Play sounds using the bodies of other players

Play the opposite of what you were just playing




Slow but with momentum

Sustain a note for as long as you can while changing dynamics


The other players are a cloud; you are the rain

Try not to play in any genre

Try to lead

Try to make other players laugh

What is "Stupid Music"?

With no mic have multiple conversations with yourself out loud

You are the delay

You're a worthless piece of shit

Your sounds are bouncing balls