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If you want to organize your own music game meetings, you may find these helpful.

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In texts:

photo-1498755085312-e0d5611f019e?w=500&auto=format&fit=crop&q=60&ixlib=rb-4.0.3&ixid=M3wxMjA3fDB8MHxzZWFyY2h8MTN8fHNjaXNzb3JzfGVufDB8MXwwfHx8Mg%3D%3D Safety matters (wiki)
types of safety and how to ensure it
14390309944_8c997d1827_c.jpg Pass The Sound series (wiki)
Videos explaining warm-ups and other activities. Add to your repertoire!
41659100465_e2ffd81361_n.jpg How to Set Up a Music Game Meeting (wiki)
practical information
27146523518_a7e4970675.jpg What is good music? (hub)
short descriptions of musical paradigms
31683408655_52558433c7_n.jpg Events (hub)
links to music gaming events — add yours!

In pieces:

43869456731_07f7d83f8f_z.jpg Follow the Images (activity)
easy introduction to open music with visuals
27126558003_e27ec14457_z.jpg Musical Tetris, lvl 1 (game)
simple game based on rhythm and musical skill available also to non-musicians
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