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This set/collection will help you play as soon as possible. You will not need special preparation and more people. Only your digital device and, in some cases, your voice is needed.

The first entry point to performance that you may try is a Random Score feature which gathers random improvisational cues from all our musical activities adjusted for solo play.

In texts:

11275288753_0ee89294dc_z.jpg Aleatoricism (glossary)
you can interact with Lutosławski's take on aleatoricism
sddefault.jpg Terry Riley: In C (wiki)
a classic piece, but app for it exists

In pieces:

4864861493_7ccc201feb_k.jpg Into The Labyrinth, lvl 1 (game)
includes an app for solo tries
27333373198_e8868f2dca.jpg Stay In Character (game)
check a "Melody" character for a solo run, if you know music

If you are interested in playing live with more people, check more on Meet set/collection, which is about organizing music games meetings.

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