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This is a set of texts and rulesets for you to play music games with your bandmates.

Included in Play set/collection.

In texts:

auki_small.jpg Auki Podcast (wiki)
gamified music improvisation podcast

In pieces:

6783705995_dcf5574131_b.jpg 3-split (activity)
an improv inspiration for listening and reacting
16298088491_4bef274fac_c.jpg Djent Game (activity)
a wild exercise in polyrhythms
red_riding_hood.jpg Fairy Tale (activity)
just follow the narrative
41886299335_e330263184_b.jpg Loop Cycle (game)
enter, follow, join, leave — an algorithm
27126558003_e27ec14457_z.jpg Musical Tetris, lvl 1 (game)
simple game based on rhythm and musical skill available also to non-musicians
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