Angelic/Devilish Choir

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One person is the conductor. They conduct by holding their right hand up or down.
When the hand is raised, players sing in consonance, when the hand is down, players sing in dissonance.

In beginner version, the conductor provides a steady tonic. If the hand is up they try to match him, if down they try to sing badly.
In the advanced version the conductor may or may not provide a steady note and hand can be anywhere in between. If fully up the players are allowed only unisons or octaves. If fully down, players should use seconds or detuned intervals to produce hellish dissonance. In positions in between players should harmonize using intervals of harmonic complexity proportional to how low is the conductors hand. Rough order: unison, octave, fifth, fourth, thirds/sixths, sevenths/seconds.
Might need some structure in who and when changes pitch.
Kinda noodle, but harmonic.

The activity is in beta. Please comment if you tested it.

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