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Every player gets a "personality" and resulting music is a conversation between the characters.

Claire. You are Claire. She is prim, sophisticated and well-read. She knows how to keep up appearances and likes things to be kept in orderly fashion.

Maurice. You are Maurice, lugubrious and gloomy. Maurice answers most questions with a sigh. When you are ungainly and morose everything is a burden.

René. You are René, fiery and passionate lover. He's a charmer and smooth-talker. Don't expect monogamy.

Upbeat Frank. You are Upbeat Frank, who is unswervingly optimistic and often comical. Frank always knows how to bring a smile even in challenging circumstances.

have it as a deck

Proposed as a game by Andy Lowe

Related to Thea Musgrave's "dramatic-abstract" style of composition described in Women, Music, Culture book.

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