Dueling Bumblebees

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There is one rule: Improvise using only semitones.

This simple activity provides a challenge for improvisers, and also let's inexperienced players make safe first steps into improvisation. The horizon of intent is not overwhelming and the musical result is coherent and somewhat familiar to classically inclined users.

In Jeffrey Agrell's book there were a few games based on playing only small intervals. Whole or Half or Warm-up Interval Piece (in "Narrow" variant) are examples of that. Bumblebee is described there as:

One to two players. Players use short chromatic segments to depict the wild flight of a bumblebee, playing as fast as their technical level allows. Extended techniques (flutter-tongue, sul ponticello, etc.) may be added.

Another example performance is by Signal to Noise Ratio. It's played as an electric trio with rules adapted also for a drum set, so it might be understood as:

Use only the smallest non-unison intervals available on your instrument

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