Even Divide

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This game works better with the even amount of Players. Choose the Player that will signal the end of the first turn and make sure you can follow the order of Players (e.g. if you sit in a circle, go clockwise).

Pattern: Pyramid with 6 cards at the base.
Start: Start at the single card at the top of the pyramid.
Movement: On every round move individually one step down the pyramid to the neighboring card (down-left or down-right).
Timing: Every round signaled by the next Player according to the order you established before the game.
End: Everyone should arrive at the bottom of the pyramid at the same time to end the piece soon after. Remember where you ended.
Goal: Look at the bottom of the pyramid and check 3 left cards and 3 right cards. Your task is to have at the end equal amount of Players in both halves (±1 if odd number).

If you have a short hourglass (~1 min), you can treat it as a signal for a step down. One player will be tasked with taking care for turning the hourglass.

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