Game in Ear Training

This item is not in the library — it is a part of: D. Bloomfield, Games and Puzzles for the Musical.

This is a game that will do much to amuse and instruct the participants. One of the party, whom we shall call The Composer, is blindfolded, and seated in the middle of the room; the rest of the party, who are The Critics, forming a ring around him. The Composer is given a baton or short stick. He then sings a short phrase of about five notes or more, according to the maturity of the players. When he is through he points his stick to any member of the company. The Critic at whom he is pointing must repeat the phrase. If he repeats it correctly, he takes the Composer's place; if not, he must pay a forfeit. Of course, the players change places after a Composer is blindfolded.

The game is untied.

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