Make Way

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Pattern: Depends on the amount of participants. The example is for 5 or 6 Players and this number is optimal.
Start: Starting cards in the example are are adjacent to only one another card (6 of these visible). These few cards should be dealt first and after they are on a table every Player will pick and announce one of the cards as his or her starting point before the rest of the pattern is dealt. Try to pick the image that best suits your instrument. For 7-8 players extend your Pattern downward with another two layers with 8 cards total, etc.
Movement: You move between neighbouring cards in any direction you want. Timing of movements is free.
End: Ends when every Player moves from his or her starting point on one side of the pattern to a freely chosen starting point on the other side of the pattern. Your target point should not be at the same level as your starting point (e.g. red can aim for blue or pink, but can't end in black although might visit it on the way).
Goal: You should never be at the same card as any other Player (if you'll not hear it, discussion will show if you won or not). If that "hit" happens to you, get back to your starting point.

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