Mating Game

This item is not in the library — it is a part of: A. Fleugelman (ed.), The New Games Book.


This game is for an even number of players. With a double set of inspire cards, provide all players with their "secret identity". For each player, there is in play another one with the same card, so prepare the deck accordingly.

The player's task is to find your card-mate, but this can be done only with pantomime and non-verbal sounds (with this means you present the card that you have). This is done chaotically by walking around and making short, simultaneous "duets" with different players. This lasts until everyone forms a pair.

A version by the book is zoologically themed and a capella, this is easy to organize and also easy to put in the context of a narrative (i.e. Noah's ark). Identities can be randomized in any available way or provided directly by a facilitator if present. A variant with a diverse set of identities and only playing on instruments also works well.

This game is worth mentioning not only because of its resemblance to both Animal Sounds and Agents. In the context of a meeting, it is a good starter if you want to show that the understanding of music you are going to deal with is quite broad. The game lacks a "twist", but may work in this simple form if there are many players; consider adding a time limit.

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