Modulo Game

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Establish a conductor before the game.

Conductor: You will signal the entries for 5 rounds. In each round show the tempo and the downbeat according to the conventions within your genre. Agree on this signal with players and demonstrate, it might be done with two sharp nods, with the intention that sounds start after the second nod, following the tempo of nodding.
Before the first round, tell the players two "seeding" numbers of your choice in 0-4 range. For example "3 and 3" or "4 and 0" — the order of non-equal numbers is important.
Each round will last at least 5 beats — you can check how busy the players are if you want to give them comfortable time. After 5 rounds, signal that the game is over.

Players: In every round you will play X even notes in a tempo given by the conductor for this round. Pitches and timbres are up to you. Each time, the X is the same for every player and your main goal in the game is to play the notes in sync and without mistake in the length of your phrase. The calculation for your X starts with numbers given by the conductor, we'll call them A and B.

You calculate X in the following way:

  1. increase A by 2
  2. increase B by 1
  3. multiply A and B and increase by 2; C=A*B+2
  4. X is a remainder of C divided by 5.

For every next round you will use previous B as your new A, and just calculated number X as your new B. If in doubt, please see the examples.

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