Maths for Music

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Solve and play these and other problems.

\begin{align} -2 [ ( 4 \times 3 ) + (-6 \times 2 ) - (4 \times -1 ) ] \times [-3 + (9 \times -2) ] = \end{align}
\begin{align} 43 + 96 \div [4y (3 \times \frac{6}{2})] = \end{align}

If one German waiter serves 10 tables and takes an average of 7 marks per table in 90 minutes and his personal profit is 10%, how many shillings and pence does he make per hour? 1 mark=2s.1d.



Single figure numbers are single notes.
Double figure numbers are either single notes or two note intervals.
Three figure numbers are either single notes or two or three note chords.
Any other symbol = any other sound (each symbol being the same sound each time)


Richard Reason

One of a few cards in Games for Musicians with a horizontal layout.

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