HSDN01 (Drum No 1)

This item is not in the library — it is a part of: C. Cardew (ed.), Nature Study Notes (full, 1969).

Any number of drums. Introduction of the pulse. Continuation of the pulse. Deviation through emphasis, decoration, contradiction.


Drum No 1

Howard Skempton

According to Stefan Szczelkun writing in Improvised Music -- Open Scores, Howard Skempton writes about ‘Drum No1’:

It was written in January 1969 when many at Morley College had acquired drums in order to rehearse Paragraph 2 of 'The Great Learning'. At the pub, after the Morley College first playing of 'Drum No.1', Cornelius bought me a drink, saying how impressed he was that the piece was a piece that wasn't a piece. So what was it? Well … he invented the Improvisation Rite, and 'Drum No.1' became (retrospectively) the first

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