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The group assembles, one of the members being elected BIG LEADER. When there is silence, The BIG LEADER makes a sound, as short and quiet as possible. He is then challenged. the challenging member attempting to produce a sound even shorter and more quiet than the first. In the midst of great celebration, the challenger becomes the BIG LEADER. The process then continues until all members have had a chance of becoming BIG LEADER. The Challenger who last comes BIG LEADER is named as the SUPER BIG LEADER. There is great celebration; drinking, music, &c.


Improvisation Rite. Conventions:
1) Any challenge must first be announced.
2) It is generally accepted that the challenger always wins.
3) Nobody is allowed to become BIG LEADER more than once.

Howard Skempton
provided by http://naturestudynotes.blogspot.com

You can find a more structured take on "as quiet as possible" in Michael Pisaro's Perception.

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