JNWWR37 (Winning Word Rite)

This item is not in the library — it is a part of: C. Cardew (ed.), Nature Study Notes (full, 1969).

Choose one of the following categories:
1) Christian names (male), 2) Christian names (female), 3) family names, 4) colors, 5) plants, 6) composers, 7) other.

Stand in a wide loose circle, as far away from one another as you can get without actually having to shout to make yourself heard. Beginning at any point in the circle, take turns naming, without hesitation, whatever word from the chosen category comes to mind. Speak loudly and clearly. If you feel like repeating a previous word, do so. The important thing is to keep the words coming until the winning word is spoken. Winning words are: 1) Wendell, 2) Martha, 3) Schwartz, 4) Green, 5) Carrots, 6) Offenbach, 7) freely chosen.

The first to speak the winning word (naturally) wins. As soon as you have won, go anywhere you like, and begin to play. If your victory was genuine, you may play as loudly as you wish. If your victory was fraudulent, you must play quietly throughout.

Meanwhile the person who was next you in the circle begins the game again, and so it goes until all are playing but one. This person, being the only non-winner, is the loser. Two courses of action are open to him:
a) He may consider himself a fraudulent winner and play quietly, in which case the piece goes on for a predetermined length of time, and then stops.
b) He may remain a loser, in which case everyone he touches must stop playing and become a loser likewise, with similar powers of conferring musical death by touch. When nothing but losers are left, the piece ends.


John Nash. Winning Word Rite. F: Mornington Crescent. A: Party games, Magic.
Note: A genuine winner who decides he is fraudulent plays softly. The same goes for a fraudulent winner who decides he is genuine. Decorum should be preserved.

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