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One person acts as money collector. To play, payment must be made at the following rates: 2 mins. — 6d. 5 mins. — 1/-. 10 mins — 2/-. 30 mins — 5/-. 1 hour — 10/- etc. The money collector must keep an eye on players to make sure they do not exceed their time, and to call them in when it is up. All payment must be made in advance. Money collected to go to the Scratch Orchestra A/c.


Pay-As-You-Play Rite. F: Boats for hire in Regent's Park. Other relatives: juke boxes, slot machines, other leisure amenities for which payment is made by time. Also related to FRFRR6, and more remotely to 'Poem' by LaMonte Young. Variant: The rates may be varied to suit the occasion (eg. more on Sundays and Bank Holidays. A cheap day once a week).

Michael Parsons
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