This item is not in the library — it is a part of: C. Cardew (ed.), Nature Study Notes (full, 1969).


On top of a custard pie (island), construct a mound of wrapped sweets. Form a circle of participants around the island. Draw lots to find the participant who shall commence the music making. The chosen participant takes a sweet from the top of the mound, unwraps it and eats it. The participant on his left then repeats this action and the process continues in a clockwise direction. Participants may only make music while eating a sweet taken from the mound, and further sweets are taken as their turn comes round, waiting if necessary until they have finished the previous one. The rite ends when the last sweet has been eaten and the custard pie has been given to the most deserving participant.


Dessert Island Rite. F: C. Hobbs. A: spelling mistakes and forfeits.

Bryn Harris

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