This item is not in the library — it is a part of: C. Cardew (ed.), Nature Study Notes (full, 1969).

Each person takes a number, between 1 and x (the number of people taking part). Numbers are chosen starting with the highest and counting downwards. If there is a disagreement about who should have a given number, it may be decided by tossing coins, by voting, or any other method. Each person must know who has the number immediately below his own, and all must remember who has the highest number.
When numbers have been assigned, No 1 begins performing. Some time after No 1 has begun, No 2 begins, sometime after this No 3 begins, and so on until all are performing. If desired, a maximum and a minimum interval may be decided in advance (eg. if a maximum of 10 minutes and a minimum of 10 secs. is chosen, you can begin not less than 10 secs. and not more than 10 mins. after the person with the previous number). However, if it is not desired to fix a minimum or maximum interval, then this is free.
To end: The person who begins last (i.e. the person with the highest number) decides when to end. When he ceases performing, everyone else stops.


Improvisation Rite. F: ACSRS64. A: watching, waiting, listening.

Michael Parsons

As this Rite fits the library scope well, it has also an entry as a game: MPIR106.

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