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Wand instruments may be divided into 2 categories: 1) Strikers, 2) Strokers. The uses of each of these types of instrument can fluctuate between a) extreme brutality, b) extreme sensitivity. Representatives of the two extremes in each category are chosen some time in advance of the performance by the group as a whole (an arbitrary example: 1a) sledgehammer, 1b) cricket bat, 2a) saw, 2b) bow). For the improvisation each player provides himself with a specimen of one of these representatives and either starts with it and moves away from it, or starts with anything and moves towards it (and reaches it).


Wand Rite. F: 'The Music of the Arabian Nights' (in Journal of the Royal Asiatic Soc.). A: obvious. Variant rite (eg. all start with one representative and more to another one individually chosen) may be freely devised.

Cornelius Cardew

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