This item is not in the library — it is a part of: S. Szczelkun, Improvisation Rites.

Everyone is scattered around the performing area performing any activities (rites, whatever) but awkwardly (clumsily, painfully etc.). Very gradually they leave whatever they are doing and stagger waywardly and uncertainly to an initially agreed point to slowly form a queue. When all have joined the queue, it limps/staggers around the performing area at varying speeds, directions, the performers making sounds, individually or collectively or both at different times.

Very gradually the performers one by one drop out of the queue and lie prostrate on the floor all over the performing area as far apart from each other as possible. When all are on the floor they start moaning spasmodically and softly. After 1-3 minutes a solo performer slowly attempts to get up only to sink back down again, (the other performers remaining on the floor). The solo performer repeats this a few times with greater success each time, finally managing to stagger to his/her feet. The soloist then moves to the initially agreed point and, adopting a defiant pose, fairly softly (i.e. keeping with the overall soft dynamics) but firmly says "Save our NHS!" He/she is similarly followed by other people at an accelerating pace until everyone is standing at the point in a straight line directly facing the audience. The rite ends with all the performers, on a downbeat shouting "Save Our NHS!"

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