Song Association (game/mechanic)

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Among more than 100 titles to check out on Board Game Geek in the "singing" category the most popular mechanic is finding a song with a given word — this can be easily used for performance also without a physical game around it. Word can be random or one of the players may give it. "Elle Music Game" is a show based on this premise that has many national editions with celebrities.

The game is simple but has a high skill ceiling. Here is a virtuosic example with simple words and a timer by Jacob Collier who adds keyboard and body percussion to singing.

Associations could be done with not only a word, but with many different features of music, specific sound, setting, theme, etc. This is similar to some "Broadway musical" conventions when a character bursts into a song that in some way fits the staged situation, there are some improvisational theatre games and RPGs exploring this take on a mechanic.

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