Song Performance (game/mechanic)

This item is not in the library — it is a part of: Karaoke.

The most direct connection between pop music and games is to make Karaoke competitive. This is commonplace with contests or due to a specific spirit within a friend group or a venue. This plain, reproductive take on Karaoke game lies outside of our library scope because it doesn't result in new music, but we can ensure some novelty by making it impossible to succeed (despite players doing their best). The music heard is then in reference to the original song, but will not be the same. Methods of achieving this include physical constraints or providing an unfamiliar sound source (present also in TV shows).

This kind of activity needs some Judges (as a constant role or interchangeable) who may give points for the success of recreating the song despite the obstacles, or otherwise assess performers for their inventiveness, style, or skill.

When facilitating this kind of game, it's important to make sure that success is not required nor expected, and participants have full acceptance of imperfections of all performances. With some groups it may be impossible, and there are no easy shortcuts to achieve it.

This activity is untied.

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