Who Started It?

This item is not in the library — it is a part of: J. Agrell, Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians.

Three to four players plus one. Player One leaves the room. Another player is designated as leader. Others must imitate what the leader does. When Player One returns, she must guess which of the players is the leader.

The description above is by Jeffrey Agrell, taken word for word from the source (p. 252).

Gamemaster's notes

"Leaving the room" is probably a needlessly bothersome way to realize this premise, which by the way was tested to be fun also with more players than four (although the educational effect might be worsened).

Consider having a set of cards e.g.

  • 1 Queen of Hearts,
  • 1 Ace of spades, and
  • a few low clubs to fill the amount of players.

After you get your card dealt, you secretly check it, and reveal if it's a Queen — in that case you will be the guesser for this round and you now should cover your eyes for a short moment.

While the guesser has eyes covered, all other players reveal their cards and see who will be the leader to musically follow (the Ace of Spades).

Start playing in a random asynchronous manner, and follow the leader after a few seconds of insuspicious, coherent music. The leader should change the played music during the playthorough, the change might be done gradually.

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