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deleted:event:in-the-hut-2020-march In the hut 2020 March (0)
deleted:event:mfp-syracuse-graduate-retreat MfP Syracuse Graduate Retreat (0)
event:2 European Intuitive Music Conference 2019, PL (0)
event:at-hatayaga-fun-with-sound-2019-09-21 At Hatayaga Fun With Sound 2019 09 21 (0)
event:auki-live-jamming-session Auki Live! + Jamming Session (0)
event:born-creative-festival-2020 Born Creative Festival 2020 (0)
event:born-creative-festival-2021 Born Creative Festival 2021 (0)
event:cobra-taught-by-anna-patton Cobra taught by Anna Patton (0)
event:coma-30th-london CoMA’s 30th Anniversary Weekend (0)
event:coma-glasgow-first-birthday-remote-connections-online Coma Glasgow First Birthday (0)
event:coma-london-lcw-2022 Coma London, London Composers Workshops (0)
event:coma-london-open-rehearsal-2022 Coma London Open Rehearsal 2022 (0)
event:dwa-jelonki-bemowo-culture-center Dwa Jelonki, Bemowo Culture Center (0)
event:eimc-2022 EIMC 2022 (0)
event:family-choir-in-norwich-theatre-2023-1 Family Choir in Norwich Theatre 2023 1 (0)
event:family-choir-in-norwich-theatre-2023-2 Family Choir In Norwich Theatre 2023 2 (0)
event:game-symphony-workshop-2019 Game Symphony Workshop 2019 (0)
event:gatherings-at-the-university-of-california-san-diego Gatherings at the University of California San Diego (0)
event:gaudeamus-muziekweek Gaudeamus Muziekweek (4)
event:hashtaglab Meetings at HashtagLab (Warsaw, PL) (3)
event:in-the-hut Music Games In The Hut (Warsaw, PL) (13)
event:john-zorn-s-cobra-at-temescal-arts-center John Zorn's Cobra at Temescal Arts Center (0)
event:kermesse-sonique-2021 Kermesse Sonique 2021 (Paris, FR) (0)
event:language-music-for-gamers Language music for gamers workshop (0)
event:loughborough:risk-music:a-workshop-with-helen-papaioan Loughborough: Risk Music: A Workshop with Helen Papaioannou (0)
event:mal-kotlownia-regular Mal Kotlownia Regular (7)
event:music-for-people Music For People events (9)
event:music-game-meeting-in-warsaw-s-local-activity-center-k Meeting in Warsaw's local activity center Kotłownia (0)
event:music-mind-games-unit-1workshop-with-kari-lapins Music Mind Games Unit 1Workshop with Kari Lapins (0)
event:musical-improv-meetup-with-bad-karaoke-experience Musical Improv Meetup with Bad Karaoke Experience (0)
event:nest-2019 NEST from Synzine (0)
event:non-digital-games-convent-in-warsaw-friday-22:00 Zjava 2020 - Games/fantasy convent (0)
event:nook-nook Meetings at Nook Nook Music School (Tokyo, JP) (29)
event:online-performance-with-maya-felixbrodt Open Publishing Fest, with Maya Felixbrodt (0)
event:open-score-club Open Score Club (partly online) (63)
event:parklet-communitas-music-game Parklet Communitas Music Game (0)
event:playdate-boston-2018 Playdate@Boston 2018 (0)
event:rules-to-play-by-exhibition "Rules to Play By" exhibition, Saint Louis (0)
event:synzine-street-view Synzine @ Street view (0)
event:ways-of-being-together Ways Of Being Together (3)
event:wolska-mozaika-regular Wolska Mozaika Regular (Warsaw, PL) (3)
event:workshop Game Design for Composers workshop (online) (0)
event:zjava-2023 Zjava 2023 (0)
event:zjava-2024 Zjava 2024 (0)

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