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hub:book Bibliography (19)
hub:people People (49)
wiki:about-plagiarism About Plagiarism in Games (0)
wiki:board-game-geek Board Game Geek (1)
wiki:board-game-mechanics-for-music Board Game Mechanics for Music (0)
wiki:body-percussion Body Percussion (1)
wiki:caillois-typology Music Gaming and Roger Caillois (0)
wiki:composition-exercises Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber) (21)
wiki:conducting-in-music-games Conducting in Music Games (1)
wiki:improvisational-theatre Improvisational Theatre and Music Games (4)
wiki:in-c Terry Riley: In C (0)
wiki:learning-improvisation Learning Improvisation with Music Games (2)
wiki:math-for-music-games Math for Music Games (3)
wiki:modular-synth-and-studio Modular Synth and Studio (2)
wiki:more More games (7)
wiki:music-for-young-players Music For Young Players (0)
wiki:online-games Online Music Games (OMG) (3)
wiki:practical Practical (9)
wiki:prompting-initiatives Prompting initiatives (4)
wiki:toy-instruments Toy Instruments (0)
wiki:traditional Traditional music games (0)
wiki:unnecessary-struggles Struggles: video collection (0)
wiki:using-event-lists Using event lists (0)

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