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Flow. Disambiguation: both cognitive flow and gameplay flow are relevant for our wiki and should have a glossary entry.
Elegant Game. A game that has a relatively low amount of rules for what it does.
Meaningful Choice. A set of alternatives that provides a good experience for the person making a choice, in terms of engagement and satisfaction.
Downbeat. The first measure of the bar, or (in more a free context) a moment when players start to improvise together.
AMAPFALAP. As much as possible from as little as possible.
Heteronomous Music. Music with an external conflict introduced.
Testing. Part of game development where you check what the actual game experience is. Key phase of iterative design process.
Warm-Up. A simple activity that improves engagement in complex ones
Dealer. Another name for constructor, especially when operating on cards.
Rhythm Cards. Cards that show rhythmic cues.
Facilitator. A person who helps a group to work together.
Gamer (role). other name for a: Player
Instrument Preparation. Altering sounds of the instruments by placing objects on/in/around it.
Stacking. An arrangement or a mechanic of there being more and more of something.
Hambone. A name for body percussion.
Found sound. Music material that was not produced by an instrument or vocals.
Pervasive Game. A game where the gaming experience blends with the real world.
Dimension. An aspect applicable to a single sound and continous.
Tagging Out. A transition done when one player (usually of his or her own initiative) swaps in for another player.
Genre. A conventional category that identifies some work (piece of music, game, etc.) as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions.

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  1. 0' 00''
  2. 100 Yard Metronome Run
  3. 12. Let a piece of gear guide the development of a piece of music
  4. 13. Bridge in 5/4
  5. 137. Old-Time Electronica
  6. 15 Cards
  7. 15. Treat shuffle ratio as a dynamic parameter
  8. 16. sandpaper and dice
  9. 163. Layering Minutes After Midnight
  10. 178. Invert the dynamics
  11. 18. relative prominence
  12. 18. the way a child sings – joyfully inaccurate, taking erratic turns, and like no one is listening
  13. 186. My Name
  14. 187. Three Strands
  15. 220 Yard Balloon Dash
  16. 221. Morning Music
  17. 265. Replace all notes with rests and all rests with notes
  18. 274. Broken Sound
  19. 282. Berio's Bach
  20. 291. Lantern Effect
  21. 3. the expanded glass harp / 497. Benjamin's Glass
  22. 310. From Memory
  23. 323. Music for Meditation
  24. 329. Different sounds for different note values
  25. 344. Careful Symmetries
  26. 375. Despite Yourself
  27. 384. Breath Beat
  28. 39. Channel the sadness.
  29. 391. Do something the way it’s always been done
  30. 3-split
  31. 4. Invent (better yet: dream) a new word. Explain its meaning, etymology and a famous invented quote in which ...
  32. 41. Dirty minimalism
  33. 439. Expression through abstraction
  34. 439. Hybrid Self
  35. 45. Create tension and release through careful manipulation of just one parameter
  36. 45. Sherlock Sawyer
  37. 459. From a Distance
  38. 461. Goldilocks Zone
  39. 493. Let the talking do the music
  40. 50. Don’t use the Fibonacci sequence in your piece
  41. 505. Sing the truth in Falsetto
  42. 508. Loudatio. Howlelujah. Sighlence.
  43. 53. Read the shape and surface of an instrument – yours ...
  44. 542. Schrödinger Scat
  45. 59. Vowel Choral Drone
  46. 67. Treat density – in sound and in time – as a dynamic parameter in every voice in your composition, and in the ...
  47. 91. Walking music
  48. A. Fleugelman (ed.), The New Games Book
  49. A. Williams, New Music and the Claims of Modernity
  50. ABCOIR112
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