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  1. Brouhaha: Gong in Musical Brouhaha
  2. Upbeat Frank in Conversations
  3. Tiny Sounds in Diced Events
  4. Vocals Only in Diced Events
  5. 163. Layering Minutes After Midnight in Disquiet Junto
  6. 282. Berio's Bach in Disquiet Junto
  7. 291. Lantern Effect in Disquiet Junto
  8. 323. Music for Meditation in Disquiet Junto
  9. Gospel in Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
  10. Goose in Goose
  11. Inspire: Bell in Inspire Cards deck
  12. Inspire: Clock in Inspire Cards deck
  13. Inspire: Toast in Inspire Cards deck
  14. Blissful in Mood Cards
  15. Bored in Mood Cards
  16. Calm in Mood Cards
  17. Cheerful in Mood Cards
  18. Excited in Mood Cards
  19. Hopeful in Mood Cards
  20. Light timbres in Mutual Prescriptions series
  21. Like classical music in Mutual Prescriptions series
  22. Very long sustained tones (more than 10 seconds) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  23. 15. Childhood Memories in Music Weeklies
  24. Breathe More Deeply in Oblique Strategies
  25. Decorate, decorate in Oblique Strategies
  26. Play a soft sound, lasting 5 seconds in Perception 4
  27. With trills or vibrato in Rule Cards
  28. Deviation through emphasis, decoration, contradiction in HSDN01
  29. Play musical notes, carefully chosen in CHTIGR20
  30. Play an instrument or object in the room of which there are many in CHTIGR20
  31. Play with utmost regard for yourself and others, play ... in CHTIGR20
  32. Converse with ducks (real or imaginary) in DJTBR98
  33. Six deep breaths in HSBR34
  34. Cute in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  35. Make up your own religious music in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  36. Play poetically in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  37. Slow but with momentum in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  38. 18. the way a child sings – joyfully inaccurate, taking erratic turns, and like no one is listening in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  39. 391. Do something the way it’s always been done in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
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