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  1. Noise in Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
  2. Aggravated in Mood Cards
  3. Alone in Mood Cards
  4. Angry in Mood Cards
  5. Anxious in Mood Cards
  6. Ashamed in Mood Cards
  7. Bitchy in Mood Cards
  8. Blissful in Mood Cards
  9. Bored in Mood Cards
  10. Calm in Mood Cards
  11. Chaotic in Mood Cards
  12. Cheerful in Mood Cards
  13. Worthless in Mood Cards
  14. Dark timbres in Mutual Prescriptions series
  15. 6. Release The Beast in Music Weeklies
  16. 15. Childhood Memories in Music Weeklies
  17. 17. Atlantis in Music Weeklies
  18. 23. Corporate in Music Weeklies
  19. 24. Rainbows and Unicorns in Music Weeklies
  20. 29. 11/16 Time Signature in Music Weeklies
  21. 30. Sound of Colors in Music Weeklies
  22. 32. Summer Vibes in Music Weeklies
  23. 77. Audio Vacation in Music Weeklies
  24. 94. Exorcism in Music Weeklies
  25. 111. New As Old in Music Weeklies
  26. 112. Old As New in Music Weeklies
  27. 115. Vampires in Music Weeklies
  28. 123. Bubbles in Music Weeklies
  29. 126. Cheesy in Music Weeklies
  30. Cute in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  31. Morse Code in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  32. Aooooooga! in The Daily Create
  33. The sound of all knowledge in The Daily Create
  34. Trigger Fewer Notes in Trigger Cards
  35. Trigger Jazz in Trigger Cards
  36. Trigger More Notes in Trigger Cards
  37. Trigger Slower in Trigger Cards
  38. Alien planet in Where Are We?
  39. City street in Where Are We?
  40. Haunted house in Where Are We?
  41. Inside a super computer in Where Are We?
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