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  1. Brouhaha: Gong in Musical Brouhaha
  2. Maurice in Conversations
  3. 163. Layering Minutes After Midnight in Disquiet Junto
  4. Scream! in Danger Music Number Seventeen
  5. Industrial in Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
  6. Metal in Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
  7. Noise in Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
  8. Opera in Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
  9. Trance in Genres deck (Pop view, A-T)
  10. Inspire: Bell in Inspire Cards deck
  11. Inspire: Clock in Inspire Cards deck
  12. Make sound, any sound, preferably very loud in Frederic Rzewski, Les Moutons de Panurge
  13. Alone in Mood Cards
  14. Anxious in Mood Cards
  15. Dark in Mood Cards
  16. Guilty in Mood Cards
  17. Make one high sound, then one low sound in Matthew Lee Knowles, 100 Events, no 39
  18. Whisper the alphabet, but shout these letters: A, C, E, G, H, J, N, O in Matthew Lee Knowles
  19. Shout "Eureka!" then start crying in Matthew Lee Knowles
  20. Mlk 830 Ccccc in Matthew Lee Knowles
  21. Mlk 830 Cpiyh in Matthew Lee Knowles
  22. Cough loudly in Matthew Lee Knowles
  23. Keep breathing, in, out, in, out, in in Matthew Lee Knowles
  24. Mlk E Sitsob in Matthew Lee Knowles
  25. Mlk Iatilhsimg Aiim in Matthew Lee Knowles
  26. Mlk Iatilhsimg Ymesas in Matthew Lee Knowles
  27. Mlk Sm Scs in Matthew Lee Knowles
  28. Dark timbres in Mutual Prescriptions series
  29. Like classical music in Mutual Prescriptions series
  30. Very long sustained tones (more than 10 seconds) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  31. Slow, gradually becoming fast (accellerando) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  32. 6. Release The Beast in Music Weeklies
  33. 94. Exorcism in Music Weeklies
  34. 115. Vampires in Music Weeklies
  35. P-S-Rock: Scissors in P-S-Rock
  36. Scratch 153 in SS153 Fire Comes From Heaven
  37. Play short, loud bursts of sound in CHTIGR20
  38. Play noises, carefully chosen in CHTIGR20
  39. Six deep breaths in HSBR34
  40. Destruction in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  41. Slow but with momentum in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  42. Taboo in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  43. You are the delay in Stay in Character: Chance Cards
  44. Short, irregular points in Textmusic 3
  45. 39. Channel the sadness. in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  46. Trigger Atonal in Trigger Cards
  47. Haunted house in Where Are We?
  48. Prison in Where Are We?
  49. Shooting range in Where Are We?
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