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  1. Brouhaha: Balalaika in Musical Brouhaha
  2. Brouhaha: Drum in Musical Brouhaha
  3. Brouhaha: Gong in Musical Brouhaha
  4. Brouhaha: Pan Pipes in Musical Brouhaha
  5. Brouhaha: Saxophone in Musical Brouhaha
  6. Brouhaha: Triangle in Musical Brouhaha
  7. Claire in Conversations
  8. Upbeat Frank in Conversations
  9. Maurice in Conversations
  10. René in Conversations
  11. 3. the expanded glass harp / 497. Benjamin's Glass in Disquiet Junto
  12. 16. sandpaper and dice in Disquiet Junto
  13. 18. relative prominence in Disquiet Junto
  14. 41. Dirty minimalism in Disquiet Junto
  15. 59. Vowel Choral Drone in Disquiet Junto
  16. 91. Walking music in Disquiet Junto
  17. 137. Old-Time Electronica in Disquiet Junto
  18. 163. Layering Minutes After Midnight in Disquiet Junto
  19. 186. My Name in Disquiet Junto
  20. 187. Three Strands in Disquiet Junto
  21. 221. Morning Music in Disquiet Junto
  22. 274. Broken Sound in Disquiet Junto
  23. 282. Berio's Bach in Disquiet Junto
  24. 291. Lantern Effect in Disquiet Junto
  25. 310. From Memory in Disquiet Junto
  26. 323. Music for Meditation in Disquiet Junto
  27. 375. Despite Yourself in Disquiet Junto
  28. 384. Breath Beat in Disquiet Junto
  29. 439. Hybrid Self in Disquiet Junto
  30. 459. From a Distance in Disquiet Junto
  31. 461. Goldilocks Zone in Disquiet Junto
  32. State your name, sex, occupation and age in as regimented a voice as you can manage in Matthew Lee Knowles
  33. Find a medium sized/weighted object and drop it, pick it up with ... in Matthew Lee Knowles
  34. Say a word beginning with a letter 'a' in 100 Events, no 35 (M.L. Knowles)
  35. Make one high sound, then one low sound in 100 Events, no 39 (M.L. Knowles)
  36. Make two high sounds and two low sounds in 100 Events, no 39 (M.L. Knowles)
  37. Whisper the alphabet, but shout these letters: A, C, E, G, H, J, N, O in Matthew Lee Knowles
  38. Make five different sounds with your hands over your face in Matthew Lee Knowles
  39. If you can whistle, do so in Matthew Lee Knowles
  40. Speak a sentence, with each word being in a different language in Matthew Lee Knowles
  41. Say out loud the longest word you can think of in Matthew Lee Knowles
  42. Speak only using vowels, as quickly as possible in Matthew Lee Knowles
  43. Tell a beautifully absurd joke, in the direction of a month in Matthew Lee Knowles
  44. Oscillate between a high sound and a low sound in Matthew Lee Knowles
  45. Shout "Eureka!" then start crying in Matthew Lee Knowles
  46. Make an anagram out of your name in Matthew Lee Knowles
  47. Touch the material you are reading this sentence from in Matthew Lee Knowles
  48. Think about number seven. Say it aloud six times in Matthew Lee Knowles
  49. Mlk 530 375 in Matthew Lee Knowles
  50. Say out loud as many colours as you can think of as quickly as possible in Matthew Lee Knowles
  51. Say what you really think in Matthew Lee Knowles
  52. Mlk 830 Ccccc in Matthew Lee Knowles
  53. Mlk 830 Cpiyh in Matthew Lee Knowles
  54. Mlk 830 Malfas in Matthew Lee Knowles
  55. Recite the alphabet in the manner of a young child, making ... in Matthew Lee Knowles
  56. Improvise a limerick ... in Matthew Lee Knowles
  57. Sing a nursery rhyme replacing ... in Matthew Lee Knowles
  58. Invent your own word and use it convincingly in a sentence in Matthew Lee Knowles
  59. Sign the highest note you can think of then think about the lowest ... in Matthew Lee Knowles
  60. Cough loudly in Matthew Lee Knowles
  61. Talk as a pirate might, for as long as you wish in Matthew Lee Knowles
  62. Solve: 2+2 in Matthew Lee Knowles
  63. Recite a line of a poem, very quickly in Matthew Lee Knowles
  64. Mlk Ase 240 in Matthew Lee Knowles
  65. Keep breathing, in, out, in, out, in in Matthew Lee Knowles
  66. Clap quietly in Matthew Lee Knowles
  67. Mlk E Aaq in Matthew Lee Knowles
  68. Mlk E Ihsose in Matthew Lee Knowles
  69. Mlk E Isaway in Matthew Lee Knowles
  70. Mlk E Sapoasbc in Matthew Lee Knowles
  71. Mlk E Sasol in Matthew Lee Knowles
  72. Mlk E Sitsob in Matthew Lee Knowles
  73. Mlk E Sreoes in Matthew Lee Knowles
  74. Mlk E Ssp in Matthew Lee Knowles
  75. Mlk Sstm in Matthew Lee Knowles
  76. Mlk E Syfl in Matthew Lee Knowles
  77. Matthew Lee Knowles, Eleven Text Scores For Pauline Oliveros, Two ... in Matthew Lee Knowles
  78. Mlk Ewcarfato Dmc in Matthew Lee Knowles
  79. Mlk Fdf in Matthew Lee Knowles
  80. tapping with flat palm over heart, imitating a slow heartbeat in Matthew Lee Knowles
  81. Mlk Iatilhsimg Aiim in Matthew Lee Knowles
  82. Mlk Iatilhsimg Tiaqaicdi in Matthew Lee Knowles
  83. Mlk Iatilhsimg Ymesas in Matthew Lee Knowles
  84. Mlk Sm Scs in Matthew Lee Knowles
  85. Mlk Sm Shs in Matthew Lee Knowles
  86. Mlk Sm Sms in Matthew Lee Knowles
  87. Light timbres in Mutual Prescriptions series
  88. Mixed timbres in Mutual Prescriptions series
  89. Interweawing timbres (making a pattern together) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  90. Like classical music in Mutual Prescriptions series
  91. Like electronic music in Mutual Prescriptions series
  92. Very long sustained tones (more than 10 seconds) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  93. Sustained tones of middle durations (1-3 seconds) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  94. Extremely short tones (under and much under 1 second; pointillistic) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  95. Pianissimo in Mutual Prescriptions series
  96. Piano with sforzandi (=sudden strong, short accents) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  97. Individually making sudden changes between different or contrasting, unchanging levels ("terraces") in Mutual Prescriptions series
  98. Individual slow crescendi and diminuendi as well as some passages having a constant level in Mutual Prescriptions series
  99. Individual fast crescendi and diminuendi as well as some passages having a constant level in Mutual Prescriptions series
  100. Melodies in Mutual Prescriptions series
  101. Motifs in Mutual Prescriptions series
  102. Patterns in Mutual Prescriptions series
  103. Monumentally slow in Mutual Prescriptions series
  104. Very fast in Mutual Prescriptions series
  105. Slow, gradually becoming fast (accellerando) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  106. Fast, gradually becoming monumentally slow (ritardando) in Mutual Prescriptions series
  107. 6. Release The Beast in Music Weeklies
  108. 15. Childhood Memories in Music Weeklies
  109. 17. Atlantis in Music Weeklies
  110. 23. Corporate in Music Weeklies
  111. 24. Rainbows and Unicorns in Music Weeklies
  112. 29. 11/16 Time Signature in Music Weeklies
  113. 30. Sound of Colors in Music Weeklies
  114. 32. Summer Vibes in Music Weeklies
  115. 77. Audio Vacation in Music Weeklies
  116. 94. Exorcism in Music Weeklies
  117. 111. New As Old in Music Weeklies
  118. 112. Old As New in Music Weeklies
  119. 115. Vampires in Music Weeklies
  120. 123. Bubbles in Music Weeklies
  121. 126. Cheesy in Music Weeklies
  122. 162. Then VS Now 👹 // Describe musically your hometown first as the child you were, then as you see it now in Music Weeklies
  123. 169. Not A Fan // Write a piece in a style/genre you don't normally enjoy in Music Weeklies
  124. Play a soft sound, lasting 5 seconds in Perception 4
  125. Scratch 153 in SS153 Fire Comes From Heaven
  126. High sounds in Sea-game game
  127. Low sounds in Sea-game game
  128. Provoke comments in Sea-game game
  129. Continously, legato in Textmusic 3
  130. Massively, block-like, masses of sound, etc. in Textmusic 3
  131. Regular, symmetric figures in Textmusic 3
  132. Short, irregular points in Textmusic 3
  133. 4. Invent (better yet: dream) a new word. Explain its meaning, etymology and a famous invented quote in which ... in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  134. 12. Let a piece of gear guide the development of a piece of music in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  135. 13. Bridge in 5/4 in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  136. 15. Treat shuffle ratio as a dynamic parameter in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  137. 18. the way a child sings – joyfully inaccurate, taking erratic turns, and like no one is listening in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  138. 39. Channel the sadness. in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  139. 45. Create tension and release through careful manipulation of just one parameter in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  140. 50. Don’t use the Fibonacci sequence in your piece in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  141. 53. Read the shape and surface of an instrument – yours ... in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  142. 67. Treat density – in sound and in time – as a dynamic parameter in every voice in your composition, and in the ... in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  143. 178. Invert the dynamics in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  144. 265. Replace all notes with rests and all rests with notes in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  145. 329. Different sounds for different note values in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  146. 391. Do something the way it’s always been done in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  147. 493. Let the talking do the music in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  148. 505. Sing the truth in Falsetto in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  149. 508. Loudatio. Howlelujah. Sighlence. in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  150. 542. Schrödinger Scat in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  151. Trigger Atonal in Trigger Cards
  152. Trigger Change Key in Trigger Cards
  153. Trigger Change Register in Trigger Cards
  154. Trigger Change Timbre in Trigger Cards
  155. Trigger Chaos in Trigger Cards
  156. Trigger Faster in Trigger Cards
  157. Trigger Fewer Notes in Trigger Cards
  158. Trigger Jazz in Trigger Cards
  159. Trigger Loop in Trigger Cards
  160. Trigger Louder in Trigger Cards
  161. Trigger More Notes in Trigger Cards
  162. Trigger New Idea in Trigger Cards
  163. Trigger Rock in Trigger Cards
  164. Trigger Slower in Trigger Cards
  165. Trigger Softer in Trigger Cards
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