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  1. Follow the Images in Free-form
  2. The Impersonator in Free-form
  3. Mood Guessing in Free-form
  4. Movement for Ears in Free-form
  5. Room Score in Free-form
  6. This Instrument is Not What it Seems in Free-form
  7. 15 Cards in Well-defined
  8. Agents in Well-defined
  9. Animal Sounds in Well-defined
  10. Bees in Well-defined
  11. The Freemasons in Well-defined
  12. Musical Brouhaha in Well-defined
  13. Conversations in Auki Podcast
  14. Even Divide in Follow the Images
  15. Inspiriodical in Auki Podcast
  16. Mating Game in A. Fleugelman (ed.), The New Games Book
  17. Musical Dixit in Inspire cards
  18. One Round Together in Follow the Images
  19. Walking Score in Creative Exercises
  20. The Tear and Fold in Creative Exercises
  21. Personal Postcards in Creative Exercises
  22. Soundtrack! in T. Wishart, Sounds Fun
  23. Pass the Sound in T. Wishart, Sounds Fun
  24. Tag: guess etc. (tasks) in All Tags and Their Meaning
  25. Tonic (Card Set) in More games
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