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  1. Bounce-the-sound in Free-form
  2. Nightlife of Machines in Free-form
  3. Convergent Ostinato in Well-defined
  4. Loop Cycle in Well-defined
  5. Musical Tetris in Well-defined
  6. Musical Tetris, lvl 1 in Well-defined
  7. Rhythm Ball in Well-defined
  8. Shogi Composition in Well-defined
  9. Danish Clapping in Improvisational Theatre and Music Games
  10. Harmony Duets in Improvisational Theatre and Music Games
  11. Names & Body Percussion in Pass The Sound series
  12. Drive in Burger in Pass The Sound series
  13. Head Shoulders Knees Toes in Pass The Sound series
  14. Rhythmic Breathing in Pass The Sound series
  15. Vocal Band in Skills Exercises
  16. Riff Jamming in Skills Exercises
  17. Body Band in Skills Exercises
  18. Waking Up Australia in Skills Exercises
  19. Boy & Girl Clap Variation with Chairs in Skills Exercises
  20. Stones in Skills Exercises
  21. Count to Three in Skills Exercises
  22. Six Stroke Phase in Skills Exercises
  23. Feeling Time in Skills Exercises
  24. ACSRS64 in C. Cardew (ed.), Nature Study Notes (full, 1969)
  25. Hello! in T. Wishart, Sounds Fun
  26. Tag: loop in All Tags and Their Meaning
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