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  1. Bounce-the-sound in Free-form
  2. Djent Game in Free-form
  3. Melody-Go-Round in Free-form
  4. Nightlife of Machines in Free-form
  5. Two-headed Soloist in Free-form
  6. Conductor's Remote in Well-defined
  7. Convergent Ostinato in Well-defined
  8. Loop Cycle in Well-defined
  9. Musical Tetris in Well-defined
  10. Musical Tetris, lvl 1 in Well-defined
  11. Polyfill in Well-defined
  12. Rhythm Ball in Well-defined
  13. SyndaKit in Well-defined
  14. Rhythm game in Glossary
  15. Counterpoint Party in Well-defined
  16. Comping Game in Learning Improvisation with Music Games
  17. Danish Clapping in Improvisational Theatre and Music Games
  18. Whoop Event in Fluxfestkit Legacy
  19. Zen Vaudeville in Fluxfestkit Legacy
  20. Organic Music in Fluxfestkit Legacy
  21. 100 Yard Metronome Run in Fluxfestkit Legacy
  22. Event:10 in Fluxfestkit Legacy
  23. Jeu Des Moutons in Frederic Rzewski, Les Moutons de Panurge
  24. Modulo Game in Math for Music Games
  25. Zip Zap Zop in Pass The Sound series
  26. The Rhythm Mill in Pass The Sound series
  27. The Yell in Pass The Sound series
  28. Rubber Kip in Pass The Sound series
  29. Step In / The Echoing Well in Pass The Sound series
  30. Drive in Burger in Pass The Sound series
  31. Stamp Clap Name in Pass The Sound series
  32. Head Shoulders Knees Toes in Pass The Sound series
  33. Rhythmic Breathing in Pass The Sound series
  34. Postcode Percussion in Creative Exercises
  35. Vocal Band in Skills Exercises
  36. Riff Jamming in Skills Exercises
  37. Body Band in Skills Exercises
  38. Waking Up Australia in Skills Exercises
  39. Boy & Girl Clap in Skills Exercises
  40. Count to Three in Skills Exercises
  41. Developing a Linear Rhythm in Skills Exercises
  42. Six Stroke Phase in Skills Exercises
  43. Feeling Time in Skills Exercises
  44. HSDN01 in C. Cardew (ed.), Nature Study Notes (full, 1969)
  45. FRLMDP47 in C. Cardew (ed.), Nature Study Notes (full, 1969)
  46. Hello! in T. Wishart, Sounds Fun
  47. Signals Game in Conductor (role)
  48. Song Performance (game/mechanic) in Karaoke
  49. Tag: rhythm in All Tags and Their Meaning
  50. Terry Riley: In C in More games
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