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  1. Nightlife of Machines in Free-form
  2. Two-headed Soloist in Free-form
  3. Staircase in Well-defined
  4. SyndaKit in Well-defined
  5. Counterpoint Party in Well-defined
  6. Democratic Chord Writing in Well-defined
  7. Cantus Firmus in Auki Podcast
  8. Dueling Bumblebees in Learning Improvisation with Music Games
  9. Eric Andersen, Opus 27 (1961) in Fluxfestkit Legacy
  10. Ay-O, Rainbow No.2 for Orchestra in Fluxfestkit Legacy
  11. Harmony Duets in Improvisational Theatre and Music Games
  12. Vocal Band in Skills Exercises
  13. Tuning in in Skills Exercises
  14. Exploring Polyphony in Skills Exercises
  15. Flying Voices in Skills Exercises
  16. FRLMDP47 in C. Cardew (ed.), Nature Study Notes (full, 1969)
  17. GC166 Sweet Singing Rite in S. Szczelkun, Improvisation Rites
  18. Song Association (game/mechanic) in Karaoke
  19. Song Performance (game/mechanic) in Karaoke
  20. Three-note Jam in Auki Podcast
  21. Composition Exercise #113 in Composition Exercises (Tobias Reber)
  22. Tag: tonal in All Tags and Their Meaning
  23. Terry Riley: In C in More games
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