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Games may use words both as a mechanic and as a musical result, including recitation, calls, singing, etc. Some role-play or basing the game on narratives may also happen. If you want all of it, maybe improvisational theatre is a thing for you.

Tagging Out. A transition done when one player (usually of his or her own initiative) swaps in for another player.
Timmy. a category of a player in psychographics, plays for an unusual experience
Trading. When two musicians interchange their playing.
Transition. Changing from one section of the work to another.
Upgrade. Game mechanics of providing better possibilities to the player.
VGM. Video Game Music. Soundtracks of computer games.
Victory condition. A rule that decides who wins the game.
Warm-Up. A simple activity that improves engagement in complex ones
Win condition. Same as victory condition.
Xenochrony. Extracting a part of one piece of music and combining it within a context of a rhythmically different piece.
XP. "Experience points" — gathered during some games to gain upgrades.
Yes, and.... Method of improvising when you accept everything that is played and do something with it.

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  1. Trigger Change Register
  2. Trigger Change Timbre
  3. Trigger Chaos
  4. Trigger Faster
  5. Trigger Fewer Notes
  6. Trigger Jazz
  7. Trigger Loop
  8. Trigger Louder
  9. Trigger Mimic One
  10. Trigger More Notes
  11. Trigger New Idea
  12. Trigger Rock
  13. Trigger Slower
  14. Trigger Softer
  15. TrollFest
  16. Try not to play in any genre
  17. Try to lead
  18. Try to make other players laugh
  19. Tuning in
  20. Twitch games
  21. Two-chord Jam
  22. Two-chord Jam / Six-note Jam
  23. Two-headed Soloist
  24. U. Eco, The Open Work
  25. Uncomfortable
  26. Under the sea
  27. Untangle Knot
  28. Unwanted
  29. Upbeat Frank
  30. Use only smallest intervals available on your instrument
  31. Using event lists
  32. Using your hands, create sound
  33. Various individual changes, both sudden and gradual (and also some passages having a constant level)
  34. Very fast
  35. Very long sustained tones (more than 10 seconds)
  36. Video game world
  37. Violated
  38. Vocal
  39. Vocal Band
  40. Vocals Only
  41. Volume Crescendo
  42. Volume Diminuendo
  43. Volume Waves
  44. W. Cheng, Sound Play
  45. W.A. Mathieu, Listening Book
  46. Wabi-sabi
  47. Waking Up Australia
  48. Walking Score
  49. Walter Thompson
  50. Wanted Pages
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