Pieces by Tag

At G4M few players means up to 3 and many marks games for 10 or more players. If a game is very flexible as for the amount of players, it may be tagged with both.

List of pages tagged with ,+many,+few:

100 Events, no 35 (M.L. Knowles) words by letters event
#1722 Your Commuting Sounds imitate your travels
ABP128 set of nine basic sounds rite
Adder! extending the chain of sounds
Apocalypse moving through a web of one-word prompts
AWEP172 Exploration/Creation inspired actions rite
AWZK170 mind-body connection rite
Body Band body percussion loops
CCAR17 / Accompanying Rite accompaniment and solos rite
CFIRT146 newspaper score rite
Conversations assuming a personality to play
Danger Music Number Seventeen screaming
Danish Clapping independent clapping decisions
Developing a Linear Rhythm additive rhythm for aural learning
Dice Contract with risk of playing many rounds
Dimensional Exercises following a simple line drawing or a few
Divider! split a melody by notes
Djent Game a wild exercise in polyrhythms
Draw It Yourself ideas for fun with graphic scores
Evolution of music moving up and down the event list
Exploring Polyphony conducting to create harmonic patterns
Feeling Time subdivision of a pulse exercise
Harmony Duets harmonizing in turns
Head Shoulders Knees Toes body movement and shouting warm-up
HMSCR104 / Commentary Rite commentary rite
HSDN01 / Drum No 1 drum pulse rite
Into the Labyrinth steer by sound
Jeu Des Moutons a variation over Les Moutons de Panurge piece
Names & Body Percussion names loop warm-up
One Round Together moving over the image cards to stay together
Opus 25 (E. Andersen) object and system event
Organic Music breathing in rhythm event
Parallel Tunes improvise with verbal signals from all players
Personal Postcards postcards workshop
Piece for Any Number of Vocalists concurrent independent songs
Rhythmic Breathing pulsed breathing warm-up
Shogi Composition graphic score creative process
Song Performance (game/mechanic) sing a song with obstacles
Stones stones found sound workshop
Textmusic 3 CBN's cards piece from 1975
The Rhythm Mill move rhythm around the body warm-up
The Yell sound texture in a grid
Three-note Jam start from a narrow pitch set
TMCR39 / Cards Rite playing 'good' or 'bad' sounds depending on a card
Travel Routes using a map for reading music
Tuning in from dissonance to consonance
Waking Up Australia rhythmic warm-up with a loud stomp
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