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  1. Mlk E Sasol
  2. Mlk E Sitsob
  3. Mlk E Sreoes
  4. Mlk E Ssp
  5. Mlk E Syfl
  6. Mlk Ewcarfato Dmc
  7. Mlk Fdf
  8. Mlk Iatilhsimg Aiim
  9. Mlk Iatilhsimg Tiaqaicdi
  10. Mlk Iatilhsimg Ymesas
  11. Mlk Sm Scs
  12. Mlk Sm Shs
  13. Mlk Sm Sms
  14. Mlk Sstm
  15. Monumentally slow
  16. Motifs
  17. Oscillate between a high sound and a low sound
  18. Patterns
  19. Pianissimo
  20. Piano with sforzandi (=sudden strong, short accents)
  21. Play a soft sound, lasting 5 seconds
  22. Provoke comments
  23. Recite a line of a poem, very quickly
  24. Recite the alphabet in the manner of a young child, making ...
  25. Regular, symmetric figures
  26. René
  27. Say a word beginning with a letter 'a'
  28. Say out loud as many colours as you can think of as quickly as possible
  29. Say out loud the longest word you can think of
  30. Say what you really think
  31. Scratch 153
  32. Short, irregular points
  33. Shout "Eureka!" then start crying
  34. Sign the highest note you can think of then think about the lowest ...
  35. Sing a nursery rhyme replacing ...
  36. Slow, gradually becoming fast (accellerando)
  37. Solve: 2+2
  38. Speak a sentence, with each word being in a different language
  39. Speak only using vowels, as quickly as possible
  40. State your name, sex, occupation and age in as regimented a voice as you can manage
  41. Sustained tones of middle durations (1-3 seconds)
  42. Talk as a pirate might, for as long as you wish
  43. tapping with flat palm over heart, imitating a slow heartbeat
  44. Tell a beautifully absurd joke, in the direction of a month
  45. Think about number seven. Say it aloud six times
  46. Touch the material you are reading this sentence from
  47. Trigger Atonal
  48. Trigger Change Key
  49. Trigger Change Register
  50. Trigger Change Timbre
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