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At Nook Nook school in Tokio in April
At Nook Nook school in Tokio in June
At Nook Nook school in Tokio in March
European Intuitive Music Conference 2019, PL
Game Symphony Workshop 2019
Gatherings at the University of California San Diego
In the hut 2019 April
In the hut 2019 December
In the hut 2019 February
In the hut 2019 June
In the hut 2019 March I
In the hut 2019 March II
In the hut 2019 May
In the hut 2019 November
In the hut 2019 October
In the hut 2019 September
In the Hut 2020 February
In the hut 2020 January
In the hut 2020 March
MfP Day of Improvisation
MfP Improvisation for All
MfP Live Your Music
MfP Live Your Music II
MfP Live Your Music III
MLP Seminars at Kientalerhoff 2019
MRM – Music, Rhythm, Movement Facilitator Training
Playdate@Boston 2018
"Rules to Play By" exhibition, Saint Louis
Synzine @ Street view
Zjava - Non-digital games convent in Warsaw 2020 (fri 22:00)

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